02 September 2013 | Eindhoven, the Netherlands

DAF launches the Euro 6 LF and CF Construction

Robust, powerful, efficient and developed for maximum durability

DAF is launching the new Euro 6 CF Construction, specially developed for applications in the building and construction industry that require regular off-road driving. The CF Construction features an increased approach angle and high ground clearance for good off-road capabilities and numerous clever details for maximum availability, low operating costs and class-leading ease of use. The sturdy styling elements on the CF Construction also give the new LF Construction an individual appearance. 

DAF Euro 6 Construction range

The first thing that strikes you about the new CF Construction models is their characteristic design. They display strength, thanks to the distinctive black grille with large louvres and the brand new bumper design, made from galvanised steel for maximum robustness. For the same reason, the covers of the attractive headlights are made from unbreakable Lexan and a 3 mm thick steel plate is fitted under the bumper to protect the radiator. This protective plate can withstand loads of up to 4 tonnes and the lower section folds out to provide a practical and wide step. 


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