11 December 2013 | Eindhoven

2000th DAF CF assembled in Taiwan

The 2,000th locally assembled DAF CF85 truck has rolled off the production line at FASC - the Formosa Automobile Sales Corporation - in Taiwan. DAF has been active in Taiwan since 2006 and is the market leader amongst the European brands.

DAF CF Taiwan

Within the fast growing Taiwanese truck market the interest in Western European trucks has also increased significantly. Forecasts for 2014 indicate that Taiwan will register over 2,500 trucks in the heavy-duty segment (over 50 tonne), compared to 800 vehicles in 2010. The Formosa Automobile Sales Corporation is responsible for the marketing and sale of DAF trucks in Taiwan, as well as the local assembly. "With more than 700 vehicles delivered in 2013 and a market share of 31.8% in the heavy-duty segment, DAF is the leading European truck brand in Taiwan", explains Seiko Chen, Chairman of FASC.