18 April 2013 | Eindhoven, the Netherlands

DAF introduces Euro 6 XF Low Deck tractor

For high volume transport

DAF have introduced the new Euro 6 XF as a Low Deck tractor, specially designed for high volume transport operations. The new 4x2 tractor unit has a fifth wheel height of only 960 millimetres enabling the operation of trailers with an interior height up to three metres. Consequently, within legal parameters, load volumes of up to 100 m3 are possible. 

DAF XF Euro 6 lowdeck

The new Euro 6 XF Low Deck has air suspension on the rear axle as standard, featuring a special ‘manoeuvring mode’. The rear of the chassis can rise up to 50 millimetres by simply pushing a button. This reduces the risk of the chassis and semi-trailer touching each other when driving on or off ferries or loading docks. The manoeuvring mode can be activated at speeds of up to 30 km/h and switches off automatically above this speed. The air suspension on the rear axle has a special function that adjusts the driving height depending on axle load and vehicle speed. Air suspension on the front axle is available as an option. 

Performance For maximum ground clearance, the Low Deck is fitted with 580 mm high aluminium fuel tanks, with a capacity of up to 1,090 litres, as a standard. The new Euro 6 XF Low Deck is equipped with the 12.9-litre PACCAR MX-13 engine with ratings of 300 kW/410 hp, 340 kW/460 hp and 375 kW/510 hp. Later this year the 320 kW/440 hp version of the new PACCAR MX-11 engine will also become available. The new XF Low Deck tractors are available with both a manual or automatic gearbox and have a wheelbase of 3.60 or 3.80 metres. There is also the choice of Space Cab or the extra spacious Super Space Cab.

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