20 May 2014 | Eindhoven

DAF launches Euro 6 CF and XF four-axle trucks

For extra heavy and special applications

DAF is expanding its new Euro 6 series with a full range of four-axle CF and XFrigids and tractors for special and heavy duty transport applications. DAF underlines to have a tailored solution for every transport application.

Last year, DAF commenced production of a wide range of two- and three-axle tractors and rigids with single or double drive for its new Euro 6 CF and XF models. The new four-axle vehicles also have a wide choice of configurations so that vehicle specifications can always be tailored. In addition to versions with two front and two rear axles, configurations with a single front axle and three rear axles (tridem) are also available.

8x2 rigids with double steered leading rear axles

The CF range now includes four-axle rigids with two steered front axles (8 or 9 tonnes) and, behind the driven axle, a dual-mounted trailing axle (FAC) or a steered trailing rear axle (FAX). 

The configuration with a 10-tonne trailing axle offers a GVW of up to 37 tonnes,  very useful for transporting heavy industrial machines and for shipping- and waste containers, as well as for bulk and tank transport.

The four-axle Euro 6 CF with steered trailing rear axle (7.5 tonnes) also guarantees GVWs of up to 37 tonnes. The extra manoeuvrability make it ideal for distributing construction materials and allowing a heavy loading crane to be mounted behind the cab. 

8x2 rigids with tridem

Four-axle Euro 6 rigids with tridem are now available, for special  applications where extra high load capacity behind the rear axles is required, for instance when transporting heavy containers or waste containers. 

New in the Euro 6 CF series is a configuration (FAQ) where the tridem consists of a steered leading rear axle (8 tonnes), a driven rear axle (13 tonnes) and a steered trailing axle (7.5 tonnes) for a maximum GVW of 36 tonnes and excellent manoeuvrability and  yard-friendliness. That is why the CF FAQ is often used as a heavy refuse collector, gulley emptier or for transporting heavy containers.  

Available for both the CF and XF is four-axle rigid with tridem that consists of a 7.5-tonne steered leading rear axle, a 13-tonne driven rear axle and a 10-tonne dual-mounted trailing axle (FAK). This allows a GVW of 35.5 tonnes. This FAK is exceptionally well-suited for heavy-duty use within the shipping and waste container transport sector.

8x4 tractor for heavy-duty and special transport

Also new in the Euro 6 XF series is an 8x4 tractor where the tridem consists of a double-drive tandem and a steered leading rear axle. This FTM combines serious traction power with a high load capacity and is therefore exceptionally well-suited for applications within the heavy-duty and special transport sector, where combination weights of up to 120 tonnes are not uncommon. 

The XF FTM is usually used for transporting heavy industrial machinery, cranes, construction materials and windmills. This heavy transport tractor is available in several configurations. Equipped with an 8 or 9-tonne front axle and an 8-tonne leading rear axle and steered tandem with single or hub reduction (leaf or air suspension) at the rear, the impressive XF tractor offers a theoretical load capacity of 21 or 26 tonnes at a GVW of up to 41 tonnes. 

Efficient PACCAR engines, efficient PTOs

With the extensive new Euro 6 CF and XF series comes a wide range of powerful and efficient Euro 6 engines. 

Available for the CF and XF four-axle vehicles are the 12.9-litre PACCAR MX-13 engine with ratings of between 303 kW (412 hp) and 375 kW (510 hp) and the new 10.8-litre PACCAR MX-11 engine with a rating of 320 kW (435 hp). In addition, the CF is also available with the MX-11 engine with a rating of 291 kW (396 hp). 

An optional AS Tronic automated gearbox is available with specially developed gear shifting strategies for regular use over long distances, the transport of liquids, off-road applications or heavy duty use. The transmission shifts more quickly so that speed loss is minimised when changing gears. Of course, a broad range of PTOs is available to ensure that the wide variety of bodywork and auxiliary equipment are driven efficiently. 

New chassis for rigids: ultimate versatility

Of course, the new four-axle vehicles in the Euro 6 CF and XF series benefit from the many innovations that DAF has introduced on the other axle configurations: a new, attractive exterior and interior design, a completely new front wheel suspension and new,  even more efficient axles.

With the introduction of a series of four-axle rigids and tractors, DAF is expanding its wide range of CF and XF vehicles, with the purpose of offering a customised truck for every application.

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