The chassis offers virtually unlimited possibilities in layouts and the low unladen weight allows high payloads to be carried. The high level of stiffness delivers excellent driving characteristics. The chassis is also completely flat and components are located on the inside as much as possible. A perfect base for every conceivable body type or application.



Drivers experience stable handling thanks to the high rigidity of the chassis and the air-sprung Stabilink rear suspension. The front wheel suspension offers the perfect balance between damping, lateral stability and stiffness. An 8-tonne front axle with two-leaf parabolic suspension is delivered as standard. Heavier applications can use the 9-tonne front axle with three-leaf parabolic suspension for the greatest comfort. A 7.5-tonne front axle with a single leaf spring is new — ideally suited for applications where every kilo counts.

Chassis layout

Clever chassis layout

The aim when developing the chassis was to create as much space as possible. For maximum flexibility, the layout of the chassis can be arranged in many different ways. The systems for exhaust gas after-treatment can be placed to the left or right on the chassis, or can even be separated. Large or small fuel tanks, the exhaust pipe to the left, right or vertically — many variants are possible. The AdBlue tank in the tractor versions is practically located underneath the cabin and the batteries are at the rear of the chassis. The result is plenty of space for hydraulic tanks or fuel tanks with total volumes of no less than 1,500 litres.

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