DAF LF Euro 6

DAF LF Euro 6

The DAF LF offers everything you expect from a modern distribution truck. It is agile, provides excellent accessibility and is distinguished by first class driving characteristics. Lots of stops and starts, fast loading and unloading: the DAF LF does it effortlessly. A interior with all conceivable comfort for the driver. And with a wide choice of engines, transmissions and rear axle ratios. For optimum performance.

Discover the DAF LF Euro 6 in more detail

  • Tailored to your needs

    DAF-lf-tailored-400The DAF LF: developed for intensive distribution transport, with an attractive exterior design and a comfortable interior.

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  • Exterior


    The DAF LF looks sturdy yet friendly. Its design is first and foremost very practical.

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  • Interior

    Also in the LF interior, DAF applies the high quality standards of its XF flagship. The result: an optimal working environment for the driver.

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  • Driveline

    The state-of-the-art four and six cylinder PACCAR Euro 6 engines form the heart of the new LF driveline. Powerful, clean and economical.


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  • Chassis


    Low kerb weight for highest payload. The DAF LF chassis is also a perfect base for any superstructure.

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  • LF Construction

    Ideal for construction applications where high manoeuvrability is a great importance, the LF Construction

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  • LF Aerobody

    The LF Aero Body is a 12 tonne distribution truck, which "ex works" comes with aerodynamic PACCAR building.

    LF Aerobody

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DAF LF Euro 6 driver instructions


Are you driving a DAF LF Euro 6 truck? Watch the driver instruction videos on our DAF YouTube channel.

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