LF Construction

Ideal for construction applications where high manoeuvrability is of great importance: the LF Construction. With a low kerb weight for the highest payload and maximum efficiency. At the same time, the DAF LF Construction offers outstanding driver comfort.

LF Construction

LF Construction

The LF Construction has a sturdy looking exterior just like its big brother, the CF Construction. Characteristics include the black grille, robust bumper and radiator protection plate. The LF Construction looks powerful and friendly at the same time. Important for a construction vehicle that operates in many urban areas.

The LF is known for its leading driver comfort and ease. It features:

  • Seats with more adjustment possibilities.
  • A steering wheel with integrated controls.
  • A┬ábeautiful dashboard with all switches grouped ergonomically by function.
  • The smallest turning circle in its class. For maximum manoeuvrability!

The LF Construction is available with the 6.7 litre PACCAR PX-7 engine with ratings of between 172 kW (234 hp) and 239 kW (325 hp).

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