The low weight of the well thought out chassis provides high payloads. The high level of stiffness delivers excellent driving characteristics. Components such as fuel tanks, batteries, the EAS unit, the AdBlue tank and the spare wheel can be mounted at various locations on the chassis. All for the utmost efficiency.

Strong and light

The chassis frame of the XF

The front end of the chassis allows for space for the extra wide engine cooling. The solid Front Underrun Protection beam also protects the radiator. The rigid and stiff front end of the chassis provides accurate steering characteristics.

The Stabilink rear axle suspension not only reduces kerb weight but also adds to the improved steering characteristics. The axles, axle suspension and steering are designed to reduce kerb weight and improve performance.

Chassis layout

Flexible chassis lay-out

The aim when developing the chassis of the XF was to create as much space as possible. For maximum flexibility when arranging the chassis, the SCR catalytic converter and the soot filter can be split in two. The AdBlue tank in the tractor unit variants is practically located underneath the cabin. The result is plenty of space for pump systems, hydraulic tanks or for fuel tanks with total volumes of no less than 1,500 litres.

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