The DAF XF is powered by PACCAR MX-13 and MX-11 engines, developed for maximum efficiency, high performance and low operating costs.


PACCAR MX-13 Euro 6 engine

The 12.9 litre PACCAR MX-13 six-cylinder engines are renowned for their high efficiency. The strict Euro 6 emission requirements are met thanks to ultramodern and thoroughly tested technologies such as common rail fuel injection, a turbo with variable geometry, exhaust gas recirculation and ingenious exhaust gas after-treatment. Good for the environment and for your returns. 

The PACCAR MX-13 engine is available in three variants. The maximum pulling power is available at low engine rpm and is available across a broad speed range. This means flexibility, less gear shifting, high fuel efficiency and pure driving comfort.

Engine type Performance Torque

MX-13 303

303 kW/412 hp
(1,425 – 1,750 rpm)

2,000 Nm
(1,000 – 1,425 rpm)

MX-13 340

340 kW/462 hp
(1,425 – 1,750 rpm)

2,300 Nm
(1,000 – 1,425 rpm)

MX-13 375

375 kW/510 hp
(1,425 – 1,750 rpm)

2,500 Nm
(1,000 – 1,425 rpm)


PACCAR MX-11 engine

In developing the 10.8 litre PACCAR MX engine, high performance, low weight and low fuel consumption were the main focus. In addition of course to reliability and service life, and optimum availability. The PACCAR MX-11 engine is available in the XF with the output of 320 kW/435 hp.

Engine type Performance Torque

MX-11 320

320 kW/435 hp
(1,450 – 1,700 rpm)

2,100 Nm
(1,000 – 1,450 rpm)



Exhaust gas Aftertreatment System (EAS)

To meet the stringent Euro 6 emission requirements while ensuring the highest fuel efficiency, DAF has combined its advanced PACCAR Euro 6 engines with various exhaust gas after-treatment technologies: an SCR catalytic converter and a diesel particulate filter.



DAF CF Euro 6 ASTronic The XF comes with a manual 12 or 16-speed gearbox. These are also available as automated AS Tronic gearbox, with several innovative functions. Clever software and sensors ensure a smooth drive off and manoeuvring due to the gradual engaging of the clutch.

Thanks to EcoRoll, the truck rolls downwards in a controlled manner on gentle descents with an idling engine and disengaged clutch. This saves fuel. Moreover, the engine shuts down automatically after 5 minutes of idling, saving 1.5 litres of fuel per hour.



Rear axles

DAF axle stabilink

The robust SR1344 rear axle has been fully optimised for weight and has been specifically developed for use with the Stabilink construction. A feature of the axle is its low noise level. The lower oil level (10 instead of 15 litres) means a fuel saving and lower costs for oil changes within international transportation.

The SR1344 axle has a load capacity of 13 tonnes and is fitted as standard on combination weights of up to 44 tonnes and engine torques up to 2,300 Nm.

In order to completely customise the rear axle for specific applications, final reductions are available from 2.38:1. The SR1344 axle uses a new design of bevel pinion and crown wheel  saving 50 kilograms in weight.

For high combination weights (more than 44 tonnes) and on vehicles with the 375 kW/510 hp engine, the updated SR1347 axle has a lower oil level, meaning as favorable a fuel consumption as possible and lower operational costs.



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