Andrew Dixon

Dixon AndrewInfrastructure Analyst (Unix/CISCO Voice Specialist

What were you doing before you joined Leyland Trucks?
Before Leyland Trucks I was in full time education on a vocational course programme at South Cheshire College. In 2000, during my GNVQ, I found a work experience placement at Foden Trucks which marked the start of my career within PACCAR. Shortly after the GNVQ finished I was offered a summer job at Foden helping with PC replacements, general day-to-day admin and user support.

In 2001, as part of my Higher National Diploma, I was required to find a part time job in the IT industry to compliment the course. I was fortunate enough to secure a part-time role in the IT department at Foden as a trainee, learning from some very experienced and capable role models.

As my experience increased I gained more responsibility. I oversaw the closure of the Foden facility in 2006 and transferred to the Leyland Trucks Infrastructure team to continue my IT career within PACCAR.

How have you progressed since you’ve been with Leyland Trucks?
Since I transferred to Leyland Trucks I’ve been encouraged to develop in many respects both personally and professionally. My initial responsibilities were to provide user support; I fostered a positive working relationship with individuals and departments within the business and have benefitted from their support as my career has progressed. As the need for other roles became apparent within the department, I was encouraged to take on new challenges in unfamiliar areas. Despite my main role being user support, I now also have responsibility for IP telephony and VoIP systems, UPS infrastructure and maintaining IT platforms for critical production systems. Most recently I have been a key contributor in two major projects. On a personal level, my colleagues and friends at Leyland Trucks have almost certainly contributed towards shaping my personality into the individual I am today.

What is the best thing about working at Leyland Trucks?
The people!

What is a typical day for you?
One of the reasons my role is so enjoyable is that each day is different. I enjoy the variety of Infrastructure support work within the business; user support, project work, research & development, troubleshooting different problems and issues as they arise and even the contrast of basic housekeeping tasks.

However, during the last 12 months my work has been increasingly weighted toward implementing a global IP Telephony system which meant interacting with suppliers and global teams in the US and the Netherlands.

Most recently, my days have been dominated by other project work focusing on redevelopment of the Leyland offices and designing a new data centre.

What do you hope the future holds for you at Leyland Trucks?
If my future at Leyland Trucks continues as well as it started, I will enjoy coming to work until I retire!
My job satisfaction comes from friendship, interaction with different people and helping others on a daily basis which is as important to me as the pay I take home.

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