Heather Bell

Bell HeatherBusiness Systems Manager

What were you doing before you joined Leyland Trucks?
Prior to Leyland Trucks, I worked for Origin (for 7 years) in a variety of roles; technical, management, customer support and contract management. Origin provided IT services to a number of businesses and I was covering a number of these in the North West of England, providing 24x7 services and support, Leyland Trucks being one of these customers.

I had been transferred to Origin from Leyland DAF, which had outsourced the technical element of IT to Origin (then Philips C&P).

How have you progressed since you’ve been with Leyland Trucks?
Although I came to Leyland with many years of experience in both technical and management I started my career as a technical DBA with no skills of the specific applications/tools used at Leyland (Oracle). With formal training, on-the-job experience and the assistance of other ITD staff, I quickly became an effective, productive member of the team. 18 months later the ITD team was restructured and I was successful in gaining a management role within ITD UK, since then I have managed a number of different teams, projects and resources to deliver services to the business. I also work closely with colleagues across other PACCAR sites on a variety of global initiatives and projects to ensure that Leyland has input into such projects and that we contribute as necessary.

As a manager, I also see employee development as a key role of my job and try to ensure that the members of my team are trained to fulfil their roles, give opportunities for career progression/development through providing challenges and opportunities where possible.

Outside of ITD, I was also given the opportunity of being seconded to the business for a short period when Leyland introduced bodied vehicles, giving me further insite and appreciation of the core business processes. In this role I provided an interface between engineering and sales, defining the new processes required to support this new business function.

What is the best thing about working at Leyland Trucks?
The opportunities, challenges and of course the people I work with (ITD, Business … locally and further afield in PACCAR).

What is a typical day for you?
Being in the fortunate position of have a varied and challenging role, 2 days are never the same.

In general, the day starts with ensuring that the services required for the Leyland and EU Parts businesses are available and any overnight issues have been resolved (if urgent) or assigned to someone to resolve when they arrive. From then it is ensuring that all tasks and projects (including EU and Global) are being progressed to meet the timelines and deliverables defined, working with the team and the business to ensure they happen. Of course, management reporting needs to happen, which is achieved via meetings and reporting, which are scheduled as appropriate. This is interspersed with people management, process improvement, audits, financial control and reviews, strategic planning … and much more!

What do you hope the future holds for you at Leyland Trucks?
The future is all down to opportunities that arise, so who knows!

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