Regan Donoghue

Regan DonoghueWhich area of the business are you currently working in and what do you think of it? What have you enjoyed about the other areas you have worked in?
I’m currently working in the bumper fit section, on both the sub-assembly area and the main track. This is part of my chassis rotation and because it’s towards the end of the assembly line, I’m enjoying seeing how the various stages of the track culminate in the finished product.  

I’ve previously worked in frame line, vehicle finish, the 500 shop and cab carousel. My favourite section has been vehicle finish as it was my first rotation and involved learning so much. The team were really friendly and helped me to pick things up quickly. It was a great start.

What does a Leyland Trucks Apprenticeship mean to you?
For me, it means working for a well-established, well-known local company which offers a good career ladder and a secure future.

What attracted you to the Leyland Trucks Apprenticeship scheme? 
I liked the idea of the guaranteed four year apprenticeship course; I knew with that I’d be investing in my long term future. The security of knowing a job was guaranteed at the end of the course was also a massive draw, as well as seeing how much emphasis Leyland Trucks puts on providing the right training. The generous salary was also a definite plus point!

What are you currently studying?
I’ve just finished my Level 2 in Engineering and in September I’ll start my Level 3 at Preston’s College. I go there every Wednesday for a full day. Studying and working at the same time is a good mix of learning on the job as well as being able to understand the theory behind it all.

What are your aspirations for the future?
I see myself continuing to work on the track, hopefully progressing to Key Operator; and further down the line to Manufacturing Engineer (ME). In a few years I might find myself branching out to a mixed role which involves some assembly line work with some computer/desk work mixed in. I’m a practical person and I like to be hands-on; a full time desk job is definitely not right for me!

Finally, what advice would you give to people thinking of applying for a Leyland Trucks Apprenticeship?
Show your wider interests at the interview stage. Outside of work and college I’m very interested in cars and bikes – I brought photographs of cars I’ve helped to build to the interview and I think that helped to show that I’m practically minded, passionate about engineering and hopefully set me apart from the other hundreds of applicants! It’s also meant that now I’ve started work I understand more about the whole process rather than just the one area that I’m working on.

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