Legal Notices and Policies

Statement pursuant to Section 54, Part 6 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015

Leyland Trucks Ltd endeavours to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place within our directly employed workforce, or in our supply chain.

Our recruitment processes are transparent.  Communication to discuss job opportunities and to confirm the details of any offer made takes place directly with possible candidates. There are robust procedures in place for the vetting of new employees that enables us to confirm their identities and that see to it that they are paid directly.

The automotive supply chain is one of the most complex in any industry, there can be multiple participants in the chain between the raw materials and the customer. Leyland expects all contracted business partners in the supply chain to uphold high standards of conduct.  Leyland clearly communicates its expectations; important contributing obligations for contracted business partners include the ethical behaviour clauses that form an important part of our contracts. Leyland considers that it is the responsibility of each and every partner within the supply chain to:

  1. to conduct its business in full compliance with applicable legislation and generally accepted (international) norms and regulations;
  2. to refrain from any form of discrimination within its company or with regard to its subcontractors;
  3. to ensure the safety of its personnel and third parties;
  4. to employ only employees in line with applicable law and regulations;
  5. to refrain from using child labor or any other form of forced or compulsory labor in accordance with the International Labor Organization’s standards;

These stipulations require our business partners to prevent amongst others slavery and human trafficking in any part of their business. On every appropriate occasion but at least each and every time the business relationship is up for renewal these items are part of the dialogue.



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