About Leyland Trucks

Leyland Trucks operates from one of Europe’s most advanced truck assembly facilities, the Leyland Assembly Plant. The company, employing 1000 people, manufactures the full range of DAF product, of which approximately 40% is exported to all European Union markets and the wider world. The Company’s future development is focused on the use of leading edge applications of information technology in all aspects of truck design, manufacture, procurement and logistics.

Brennan Gourdie

The senior management team at Leyland Trucks includes Brennan Gourdie, Phil Jones and Carl Hergart.


Leyland Trucks has had an environmental policy statement since 1995. This policy has led to the company recognising the actual and potential environmental impacts of its operations.

DAF enginetest 400

Leyland Trucks is a leader in applying state-of-the-art technology to the design of the products we engineer and to the processes we employ to produce that product.