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Personal development is one of the company core values, and Leyland Trucks is committed to ensuring its employees have the necessary skills and abilities in order to complete their job roles and have the opportunity to develop and grow themselves to achieve their career aspirations.

  • Assisted studies
    Employees throughout the business have a wide range of career aspirations.  Some of these aspirations can only be met through developing knowledge and skills through educational courses.  The company is keen to support continued learning throughout the business and has in place an assisted studies policy which enables successful applicants to have 50% of their total course fee repaid to them upon successful completion of their course.

    Examples of some of the courses which the company has paid 50% of the course fees for include:

    BTec Level 3 Engineering
    HNC Engineering (Mechanical and Electrical)
    HNC Business
    HND Manufacturing Systems Engineering
    BEng Engineering (various disciplines)
    Masters in Engineering

    This scheme is open to every employee throughout the business and current scheme members range in job function from Assembly Operator through to members of the Senior Management Team.
  • Management and Leadership Training
    Ensuring our existing and future managers and leaders throughout all levels of the business have the necessary skills and abilities to guide, lead and shape our company are essential.  The company regularly reviews this provision and ensures that the relevant training and development solutions are in place to satisfy both the existing and future business requirements.

    A recent partnership approach with Runshaw College has resulted in over 60 employees undertaking Institute of Leadership and Management and Chartered Management Institute courses to further enhance their managerial skills.  These opportunities were presented to the whole company and employees throughout every level of the organisation participated in these courses to enhance their skills and knowledge, obtaining a nationally recognised qualification upon successful completion.

    Leyland Trucks also runs various internal training courses to develop management and leadership skills, focussing upon how these skills are used within the workplace and how to develop and improve team effectiveness.  These courses are designed around the PACCAR Production System and the company core values to ensure the skills and abilities which employees develop are business focussed.
  • Additional Training
    Leyland Trucks recognises that training and development continues throughout your career with the company.  

    Development needs are identified through the annual Personal Development Plan which all employees have.  This is a live process which continually identifies the development needs of individuals, which the company seeks to meet through various means.  These solutions are varied and include: 

    Secondments within other departments and roles
    Coaching from another employee
    On-line learning
    Internal training
    External training opportunities
    Further education
    Various Microsoft IT packages are available online through a corporate PACCAR licence and can be studied either in or out of work.
  • Professional development
    Leyland Trucks encourages employees to achieve membership with a professional body.  Furthermore, the Company pays for this membership and actively encourages employees to achieve Chartered status with their respective professional body.  This includes a wide range of functions throughout the business including Finance, Purchasing, HR, and Operations Management.

    Leyland Trucks has a Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS) which is accredited by both the IMechE and the IET.  This scheme is designed to help engineers progress through to chartered status by placing them within a structured rotation scheme and ensuring they develop the necessary competencies throughout each of these placement opportunities to meet the requisite standard.  An MPDS mentor is assigned to each employee registered on the MPDS scheme to help guide the learning engineer through the process and to help them in achieving their goals.
  • Internal development schemes
    Leyland Trucks continually develops talent with the business.  Through reviewing its employees and assessing the differing entry points into departments and roles, it creates various development schemes which it uses to ensure its employees have a wide range of skills and knowledge which enable them to undertake a wide range of roles within the business.

    The Engineering Career Pathway is a two year rotational scheme which provides scheme members with the opportunity to work for 6 months within departments including Supplier Quality Assurance, Assembly Engineering, and Design Engineering (1 rotation each within years 1 and 2).  The scheme members gain knowledge and understanding in how each of these departments work, develop key skills, all whilst undertaking essential project work.  Besides gaining practical knowledge, a key component of this scheme is ensuring scheme members enhance their academic ability through undertaking day-release at an educational institution.