Corporate Social Responsibility

Leyland Trucks is a major employer in the North West of England and actively seeks to offer support in various forms to community groups, charitable good causes, the local education sector and other businesses.


Leyland Trucks employees currently sit on local committees to offer support and guidance on subjects that have an impact on the wider community such as the South Ribble Partnership and the Leyland Festival Committee. We also have employees actively involved with the British Commercial Vehicle Museum to offer management support and to ensure that the museum is able to accurately portray Leyland’s heritage.

Education Sector

In 2011, Vince Cable, Business Secretary announced that leading manufacturers and government were working together to promote Manufacturing Excellence in the UK through the ‘See Inside Manufacturing’ initiative. The focus is to challenge perception of the industry and to dispel myths that Britain no longer manufactures. Leyland Trucks embraced the initiative and welcomed 15 local schools and colleges to the factory that year that included 267 pupils. Since then Leyland has continued to develop a programme that now sees an average of 44 visits to the factory per year by 800 pupils. Our programme has grown to the point where we offer more than a factory tour; we actually tailor visits according to the curriculum. We now offer specific elements on subject such as Financial Control, Supply Chain Logistics, Design Engineering, Electronics and Maintenance Schedules.
In addition to educational visits, Leyland supports local schools in a number aspects from sponsorship of awards and work placements to careers fairs.

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Charitable Good Causes

Helping Hand is a fully registered in-house charity run by a dedicated team of committee members from Leyland Trucks and PACCAR Parts. Set up in 1994, Helping Hand is proud to have surpassed its 25 year milestone, and in that time it has generated and delivered more than £1m to local good causes. Every year, the charity and employees within Leyland Trucks come up with new and exciting ways to raise funds that, in turn, get distributed to many worthy causes. Whilst Helping Hand does support some national charities, our mission statement is “To provide a process that enables Leyland Trucks and its employees, customers and suppliers to help the disadvantaged in the wider community – particularly where worthy causes are local to the plant or are connected to our employees and their families.” As such a large amount of our donations go to charities in the North West region as we endeavour to support the local area.

Other Businesses 

DAF Leyland trucks helping hand 950 Leyland Trucks offers local businesses the opportunity to visit our facility with a view to benchmarking our culture and processes that has seen us transform over the years to achieve Shingo status. An average of 12 such visits take place each year where the management team of local companies can spend time touring our factory and meeting with the Leyland management team to see what makes it a world class organisation. Leyland also works closely with the Manufacturing Institute to encourage other national and international businesses to visit on benchmarking tours.



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DAF Sustainability

Leyland Trucks has had an environmental policy statement since 1995. This policy has led to the company recognising the actual and potential environmental impacts of its operations.

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Leyland Trucks Purchasing is part of the PACCAR Global Purchasing Organisation.